Cactus (nopales) 420 gr

Cactus (nopales) 420 gr

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Strips of natural tender cactus in brine 420gr

Nopal (Opuntia ficus-indica) is a cactus that grows in Mexico.

Make it into a smoothie with pineapple and celery to create the most nutritious drink of the day, or cook it and add some cheese to create a snack, find new ways to bring this ingredient into your diet. 

To consume this cactus gives you many benefits such as:

  • FIBER.  From its rich soluble fiber, it has a filling effect and a reduction in fat absorption at the intestinal level, contributing to weight reduction. In addition, the nopal plant fibers control the excess production of gastric acid and protect the mucous of the stomach and intestines.
  • PREVENTS DIABETES It has a highly recommended hypoglycemic power as prevention and treatment of diabetes since it lowers glucose concentrations in the blood.
  • CALCIUM Scientists from UNAM (National University of Mexico) discovered that its flour reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis due to its calcium content. The largest and most mature nopal stalks are the ones that contain the most calcium.
  • PREVENTS COLON CANCER The presence of dietary fiber helps to dilute the concentration of potentially cancerous cells that may appear in the colon, thus preventing, to a certain extent, the appearance of this disease.
  • ANTIOXIDANTS Due to its high antioxidants, it helps fight free radicals that age the skin. Helps regenerate skin cells to allow wound healing.
  • REDUCE HEART DISEASES The amino acids and fibers that the nopal contains act in conjunction with antioxidant effects and the vitamins present prevent the formation of fatty plaques in the arteries, reducing the risk of heart disease.
  • KEEPS YOU HYDRATED It contains big quantities of water that helps with retain hydration in your body.
  • HELPS WITH ULCERS AND GASTRITIS Thanks to the slime that this cactus produces the body is capable of controlling and reducing the excess of gastric acids, it also protects the gastrointestinal mucus.
  • HELPS WITH LIVER DISEASES It helps to detoxify faster the fatty liver.

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